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Muster Lustre
Ultra feminine

Such a beautiful scent with lots of sublety. It paints a very feminine, beautiful and refined lady. Definitely a keeper!

Dama Bianca

I bought a 5ml decant of Dama Bianca and sprayed it on my arm. I could not believe how quickly I fell in love with it. It just laid beautifully on my skin and the scent wafted up to me beautifully and continously. So soft, perfectly sweet, citrusy and slightly powdery to me. What a fantastic experience. I came upon a sale and purchased a full bottle!


So elegant and beautiful everyone keeps saying it smells like vanilla, but I’m getting all the other notes not so much vanilla. I will be buying a full bottle.

Piotr Darski

Dama Bianca

Onjel Bercier
Smells Like Heaven!

This fragrance had me singing SOPRANO. The hype is real! The opening is angelically bright but immediately settles into this soft, vanillic ora of sweetness. I also love the kumquat in here.

This is how I imagine standing in the Sistine Chapel to feel like. Absolute heaven! It could also be a nice garden party fragrance.

I was scared to try this at first because I heard it was powdery. I am now realizing that there are different types of powdery fragrances. There's the dry powder that you get from certain rose fragrances, the baby powder scent (the worst) that you get from lavender or heavy-on-the-iris fragrances like Mon Guerlain or L'Heure Bleue. And then there is this kind of powdery that is simply a soft elusive cloud that lifts around you.

However, this cloud can be sucked away from you in the high heat, leaving a basic, skin scent vanilla. I will not be wearing this anymore this summer. But it is certainly a masterpiece to be appreciated somewhere where there is A/C.