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Intrusive Thot
Mango Milkshake

I don't care if this is controversial. On other fragrance review websites, this scent seems to be very divisive; either a love or a hate depending on skin chemistry. On my skin, it was love at first sight. It's giving slightly underripe/dry mango blended with marshmallow fluff into a delicious creamy milkshake. Kind of an obscure reference, but it reminds me of this one "Alladin" themed mango marshmallow dessert they had at a Disneyland buffet restaurant I loved as a child lol. Either way, this scent is very unique and definitely worth a shot, if you love mango and can handle lactonic gourmands :) Easily a top 5 for me, maybe even a top 3. It just makes me happy.

Heather Craig
Best of the Tropical Scents

I have been looking for a tropical, fresh scent but so many scents are heavy on the coconut, or the mango is sweet and cloying. I dont want to smell like sunscreen, or a teenager. This is perfect for me! It's very mango forward but in a fresh way, not a sugary way. I want a full bottle but it's so expensive that might have to settle for the a smaller size. Thankfully scent split does that for people like me!

Viktoriia Siksimova
Just good

I like, but I’m not gonna buy a full bottle

Vidal Sanabria
Great customer service the fragrance is okay.

Scent split always provides great customer service. The fragrance arrived in less than a week. The fragrance however hasn't excited me as I expected. The mango us subdued and boring.

Jan Johnson
The best lactonic mango scent

I ordered samples of this, La Capitale, Kirke, and already had Erba Pura to determine my fruity summer scent. I much prefer the dry down of fruity scents like Rasasi’s Jasmine Wisp and Phlur’s Apricot Privee but wanted something a bit lighter. Cruz del Sur II has now become my default summer scent. I’ve reached for it daily. The opening is a bit “green” but it’s short lived and the dry down is a scent journey that I truly enjoy every time I apply it! Very smooth and creamy fruity scent. But not too fruity for my liking. I’ve gotten multiple compliments. And I usually get all day longevity on it! Projection is just right as well.