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Antonio Jones

Loved it!!

Frank Gonzales
Good not great

Another aventus creed not as pungent. Good scent just too many less expensive clones out there to spend that much ona fragrance that is so overdone

Ernest Cherry

Exquisite scent

Tyree Scott
Morning chess is my mornings best fragrance

I really appreciate this cologne. It smells like the name it self. It perform in different ways. When I put a couple dabs on it perform in one way when I put more than a couple dabs on and perform another way. It's very unique. For me is very masculine on. For my wife it's not the same smell it's different she say on her. In reality it forms better on me then her. This is a fragrance I always look to have in my collection. It's not a everyday fragrance for me, it could be for someone if you can smell the same thing everyday. That's your preference I cannot smell the same thing every day so I feel I will never have a signature scent because at some point I believe I will get tired of smelling the same thing every day. To each it's own. This is a grown up fragrance for me that's done with Macy's fragrances. Body sprays is elementary school 95% of Macy's fragrances middle school and niche fragrances is high school / college😂

Byron Shaw
Love it

love the scent and service