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J Matthews
Sur la plage

I've been looking for a scent that is marine/clean that doesn't lean's perfect!!

L. F.
It’s ok

It’s a nice fragrance but nothing stand out imo and definitely not a must have.

big disappointment

I spent my money on the largest decant based on so many reviews I have read. It disappears within an hour and since I spend summers with family in the South of France, I can tell you, it smells nothing like the air in the beaches there. It has a slight flowery fragrance but you can get that type of cologne smell in a clothing store fragrance. I have no idea what the hype of this big nothing is about. I spent my money so you don't have to.

Perfect Nor Cal beach scent

There's this sweet smell that cooler regions of pacific coast get. It's difficult to describe. But it's so fresh, intoxicating, and just perfect. Like a mix of perfectly crisp and juicy watermelon and frosty snow air... This is the closet scent that I found to date, which reminds me of a perfect walk on a cool day of an empty beach. Unlike most other high end "beachy" perfumes, this one doesn't smell like sunblock or seaweed. Only con, as another reviewer mentioned it isn't lasting. Although, it could also be that the wearer becomes numb to it after a short while. My husband smells it on me half a day later and says it is divine.

LOVE the scent, poor longevity

This is like Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc, but I love it even more. Unfortunately it only lasts a few fleeting hours. Need to overspray with this, but I am coming back for a larger bottle! Transports me to a beachy, warm paradise. Beautiful.