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money greedy decomposing catholic priest


Andrew Martinez
Unique and complex scent profile

Total blind buy for me as I has never heard of Toskovat prior, but the interesting notes and the 1 review here intrigued me. I was enamored upon first smell. Such a unique scent that exudes immediately. Definitely a very masculine scent. Notes of Ink, wood, and resin, and grass linger nicely. I definitely see how people on other sites have said this smells like an old church. This fragrance is definitely best suited for colder weather, and works wonders in it. My only complaint is the sillage fades after a few hours, but while it's present it's great and very stand out.

Didn't like it at first, but it told a story as it bloomed

Masculine scent. Smells like a man you know youre not supposed to be with. It opens with this clean, slightly over cologned smell then settles into a muskiness with that slight sweat smell after a long day in a suit (or priest robes in this case?)
It reminded me of someone who oddly enough didn't smell like that at smelled like his personality more than anything. Made me a little sad but I couldn't stop smelling it