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danyelle westbrook
Soleil neige

It’s my favorite TF! It’s so beautiful and uniques

Sofia Sadegi-Kharazi
Perfect year round, summer reminiscent fragrance

This is a beautiful alternative to the expected summer fragrance - there are no coconut notes but the perfume still manages to give off the hint of sunscreen. I would say this leans more warm than fresh, with softness from the jasmine and musk, but it doesn’t scream evening like much of the Tom Ford line. Beautiful and perfect for any time.

Runlin Li

Soleil Neige

It’s not the worst

I couldn’t keep this on my skin though, had to wash it off within 30 minutes because it just smells like cheap a sunscreen bug spray combo

Owen Hartnett
Favorite Tom Ford scent

This is my favorite Tom Ford scent. Tried many at the store. To me, it is very close to Noir Extreme, but sweeter. Some think this leans more feminine, but I'm a man and I love this scent. My wife does not think it's feminine. It lasts all day too. Smells like fresh linen. Citrus at first but it goes away. It's a very uplifting scent and smells like something a very rich person would wear in the summer out on their yacht.