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John Rosciglione

Very good

Fantastic Experience & Great Product!

Fast shipping and the decanted fragrance was just as if it came from the original. So thankful I found you guys; this fragrance (Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu) is only available in UK in full size. My little SS bottles keep me smelling great without having to import! Thanks!!

David Martin

Patchouli Absolu

Tom Ford Scent Reviews

Don't get me wrong: I think Scent Split provides an amazing service & I'll order from them again and all day long, but I'll never spend another half-penny on anything with Tom Ford's name on it. I've heard this time & time again: the guy is a dilettante who thinks he's the world's most wickedly brilliant enfant terrible, but in fact he wouldn't know the art of creating true fragrance if someone held a gun to his head.

Scents I tried were ROSE PRICK (teehee 12-year-old Tommy, I see what you did there,) PATCHOULI ABSOLU (omg, dreadful,) and BLACK ORCHID. While I'd never wear it, BLACK ORCHID, while repulsive, is the least offensive of the three. At least it doesn't smell like the 7th grade restroom in any local US junior high school; somehow Ford & his team managed to not roll out still another mishmash of cotton candy & Skittles in a drugstore cologne base with this one.

I just laughed: asking for my input for this review, Scent Split reminded me I purchased these three atrocities 24-days ago. That means 24-days ago they also went in my trash can. Sadly I have to own the fact that I am responsible for their residing in a landfill by now, and polluting our Dear Mother Earth with their putrid, sophomoric stink.

Dear Mr Ford: you, yourself, are too gorgeous to gaze upon, but the jig is up. Your products are trash and your prices ... well, I'm lost for words. To carry three-times the price as something as other-worldly as an Ernst Beaux/Chanel creation that's still with us since the 1920's ... well, your ego and your balls are surely equal in size. And THAT, at least, is something!

Thank You, Scent Split, for allowing me to see clearly that the joke is on me! It's bad enough to waste $100+ on a few drops of putrescence, but without your great service, that *could* have been $400+ down the drain. My straying days are over: Chanel, Jo Malone, Penhaligon, and Le Labo ... I'm ALL yours FOREVER.

george lee
Best place to buy!

I don’t buy scents that I can’t use up in 2 years. Why would you? Why let them go stale and lose potency. We can buy splits. And yes, the overall costs are slightly higher. But don’t you want fresh scents delivered more often and don’t you want the option to change scents? And if you want the whole bottle, so be it! Scent splits offers everything we want. Buy from these guys. They are a great small business that works hard and cares about our business.