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Andre Alexander
Not worth a full bottle !!

This is why I love scent split. I’m able to sample a lot of these high end fragrances that get a boatload of praise in the fragrance community. This was one of them that was talked about almost very glowingly and having sampled it for myself … it’s a hard pass for me. Tried wearing this to the gym the other day and I almost couldn’t concentrate on my workout because the scent was so irritating. This one was a miss by. Tom Ford.

Alfonso Cappa

Too soapy. It’s OK but I don’t love it.



Jack Mitchell
Cologne is Good - Scent Split Is NOT SO GOOD

Btwn mid Aug 2021 and late Sept 2021, I have spent a little more than $400 at Scent Split on "sample colognes". The colognes have been great but my experience with Scent Split has not been great at all. My first order was an issue and I still do not feel as though the resolution to this problem was handled appropriately. I have stopped shopping at Scent Split and I now buy my sample colognes online at Microperfumes. I don't feel like a valued customer at Scent Split. I know that Scent Split doesn't mind losing one customer since they have so many other customers. But I won't do business with a company that doesn't respect my concerns or value me as a customer.

jason weinstock
My favorite so far

Not sure if it’s the Neroli or something else but I really like this.