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Lost Cherry so glad I found

I personally do not enjoy fruity fragrances or notes of almond. But I was so curious what all the "hype" was regarding Lost Cherry I had to try it. Well, I'm so overjoyed that I did. The fragrance is so sophisticated on the dry down, it smells luxurious, warm, and nothing like the name. There is a hint of cherry at first and then it transforms into a delightful, intriguing fragrance a real show stopper. My only let down is that it wasn't long lasting. But I will surely purchase more and recommend others to do so.

Scent split #Tom Ford -lost cherry-

Very professional owner. Genuine samples, fast shipping, beautiful wrapped and packed.
I absolutely love ordering my samples from Scent split . I wish I could order every sample from the website:')

Completely Enamored!

This fragrance has changed my nose forever—Lost Cherry is currently my favorite fragrance of all time! I ordered 3 samples bottles of Tom Ford fragrances I've been wanting to try; this was one of them. First, let me say these are absolutely the 100% authentic designer fragrances and if you've never tried an actual perfume (parfum) from Tom Ford, once you do you'll understand why (a) the retail price point for a whole bottle looks like 2 car notes+ insurance (or 1 car note depending on what you're driving, lol). A literal dab of his perfumes can fill a room in a good way (seriously, spritz half-a-pump on a tissue and leave that in your closed bathroom or bedroom—it's amazing). (b) You'll also find that his fragrances tend to be warm, rich and layered. I'm ready to ditch my extensive collection of fine fragrances and just live by the three I sampled through my purchase on this site (Lost Cherry, Bitter Peach, and Rose Prick—in that order). Lost Cherry is a game changer for me, and it's not a sugary scent at all. It's hard to describe other than it is alluring, warm, deep and intoxicating. I am generally a rose scent loyalist with little tolerance for fragrances with fruity notes; but this!!! I'm so busy sniffing my own skin all day in this that I had to moderate which days I wear it so I can get my nose out of my own elbow long enough to get some work done. I've already ordered the travel spray and candle, so everyone pray for me, lol. I hope TF never discontinues this scent. If the adjectives I used above don't do it for you, definitely skip it (more for me haha). If "warm" "intoxicating" and "indulgent" are words that pique your olfactory interest— you must try this fragrance, it's unlike another I've tried (Cherry Punk by Room 1015 could be compared as a daytime "body splash" version, but even that's a stretch). Either way, Scent Split turned out to be a perfect way to try authentic TF fragrances; even the sample bottles will last a good little while. Loved the experience and my order!


I liked that this smell was musky yet slightly fruity. Not overpowerfully cherry.

Smells so good

It’s sweet but not too sweet