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Cameron Snyder

It was delicious

ernie mejia

Italian Cypress

Hendri Liato
Spicy, old fashion beast

Not for beginners or the young ones, this is a beast-mode, mature, masculine woody scent with a real olfactory punch. Some similarity to Tom Ford's own Vert de Bois, little similarity to Polo Green.

The bomb

This is a fantastic scent. One of the best out of the Tom Ford line and one of the best of any I’ve sampled in a couple years!
Sophisticated fresh and natural smelling. So long lasting! It’s worth noting that it’s very traditionally masculine and I’m female but I just refuse to be without this. Even if I’m selective about where I can pull it off, it’s a must have.

Frazier Sheffer
The classy side of Tom Ford

Italian Cypress is the adult version of Polo: the classic in the green and gold bottle, by Ralph Lauren. The two are eerily similar. The difference is that the sharp "grassy" top notes in Polo are replaced with a dry, lemon-wood accord and that makes all the difference. While Polo is brash and bright, Tom Ford's interpretation is more subdued; masculine; something to wear in a more formal setting, and in any season.
The oud in this fragrance is typically Tom Ford: not very oudish, but something slightly sweeter, and much to my liking.
While not at all alike in composition or expression, Italian Cypress easily ranks with Tom Ford's other towering classic: Oud wood. Both fragrances are Tom Ford at his classiest.
Sadly, this fragrance has been discontinued, and just when it was finding a new appreciation. C'est la vie.