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Christopher Wright

Very good

Liz Huff
A fantastic scent for a man or woman! My go-to scent for special nights!

I love all of the Tom Ford fragrance's I've tried. However, Fougere d'Argent is my absolute favorite. I love the fact that many TF fragrances are unisex, because I am a woman who doesn't like all of the flowery & girly smells that the HIGH majority of women's perfume has. Fuogere d'Argent is so sexy & smooth. When I wear it I gets SO many compliments from men & women. Everyone always asks me what I'm wearing that smells so good. I wish I could afford to buy a full bottle but the 9ml glass travel spray lasts a long time. It's not overpowering, but the scent stays on my skin until the following morning. There are several layers to this fragrance that are very appealing & satisfying to the nose. There a notes of lavender & citrus mandarin which gives this scent a lighter freshness, but the ginger, & oil from the Tonca bean bring's in the smooth warm tones. When marinated together it provides an utterly sexy & provocative scent which makes a statement that's memorable & will leave you smelling fantastic. It tends to boost my confidence as well. I don't think anyone could go wrong by wearing Fougere d'Argent. And, mind you, it's very hard to find in travel sizes. So I definitely thank Scent Split for that!

Dylan Telgarsky

Glad I bought this. I already own Beau De Jour which is good but a little intense(2 sprays max for me) FDA is definitely more mellow and very pleasant. My favorite part is the dry down which reminds me of incense. More of a cool weather scent for me.

Brandon Duncan
LOVE Tom Ford!!!

I know I gave 4 stars only because I do love what your company is doing very authentic an wonderful company but shipping was extremely slow could be cause of COVID an Holidays so I cannot blame the company in other words I appreciate everyone working hard thank you so much! Fragrance Wise I know it will be good cause it’s Tom Ford!


A heavy fougere. Very green. If you want a lighter version try Fougere Platine.