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Smells sexy

Lovely date fragrance!

I love this so much! Such a great fall sweet feminine fragrance, will be buying a full bottle!

Virginia Hirsch
Definitely Date Night

I will preface by saying this creamy fruity/floral/gourmand hybrid is my very first from the House of Oud and that initial impression has secured that I will be ordering more samples in the future (Grape Pearls is already sitting in my ScentSplit cart).

The surprising peony opening softens an otherwise drizzling gourmand to make a feminine-leaning (it’s advertised as unisex), unique accord. My sweet tooth is dying from this combination: every single note in this contributes to its sweetness! Floral sweetness from the peony. Fruity sweetness from the dates (which are also featured in the exotic sweetness of Zoologist’s “Camel”, a favorite masc date-night scent of mine). And the majority of course stems from the gourmand sweetnesses from the honey, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and icing sugar.

The fruity/floral opening being strong enough to withstand the gourmand foundation and base dash of cinnamon prevents the caramel and tonka bean from densifying this scent, making it unexpectedly effervescent, yet the left-field addition of the smoky tobacco elevates this from a gooey gourmand to a mysterious sophisticate. While still sexy, I find myself at odds with the packaging, yearning for something more delicate to complement this yes exotic, but *flirtatious* (not erotic) fragrance. Not what I expected (based on so many reviews being fixated on the sugary aspects), but velvety and vaporous.

Stella 01
A Delightful Fragrance

I've learned before purchasing anything check out the reviews if the majority of the reviews are good then I'll try it. I tell you I'm in love with this fragrance I have allergies and I can't wear a strong scents at all. but Date Delight owns its name! I couldn't stop smelling my wrist this was the first time I tried it I bought the 1ml size I was so pleased I ordered the 9ml. This is a wonderful Summer fragrance. And it will smell differently on you, because we all have a different body chemistry. I am more than please with my purchase .

Darya Aslanova

Amazing smell, long lasting.