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Dorian Torres

Exquisite to say the least! The notes of white chocolate are so subdued & silhoutte, yet it captivates you with its enhanced mellow tones...Beautiful!
Buying the bottle indeed!!!

Ricky Meas
Strangelove NYC Melt My Heart

A beautiful gourmand. The chocolate and orris butter is so buttery. After my 2ml decant, I'll probably purchase a full bottle now! Thank you to Scent Split for taking care of me!

The One

While each one of Strangelove’s perfumes have their own personality - and some are certainly an acquired taste - this one left me mesmerized from the start, and I bought a full size bottle from the maker.
It’s like one of those super soft fuzzy blankets, the kind you just cannot get away from because they’re so comforting and cozy and warm; you want to wrap yourself in it, bury your nose and never leave.
Alright, alright, I was just going to say that it smells really good and that I recommend it and that I did end up buying a bottle, but it smells so interesting, so different; makes one wax poetic against one’s own wish.