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Deven Johnson
In Stars

Love the scent, nuanced and beautiful. Never tried it before but it smells and feels authentic and arrived so fast. Will plan on ordering more from ScentSplit. Very pleased.

Sorry but nope.....

I wanted to like this fragrance but no....smells like a cross between your Grandma's perfume and a balm for sore muscles.
This is truly a preferred fragrance and not for everyone. Glad I got a small sample.

Sheila DeYoung
Absolutely divine, for BOLD personalities!

I’m in love with this scent!
Thank you!

Sam MacKinnon
Kinda putrid

I’ve tried! I really have! Just smells too much like rotting flesh or flowers or something. It just hits the nose too strong in the wrong way. Wanted to like it. Maybe I got a bad sample or something.

Ndola Pensy
My new favorite

Luscious. Luxurious.
I always feel like I smell like a million bucks when I've got it on, and people compliment me all the time.
I love being able to try something for a while before I buy, sometimes perfumes don't mesh with my chemicals, so I don't wanna spend 700$ and find that it doesn't really mesh well.
Thank you scent split for making high end scents accessable to all 🖤