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V D.

Blood Oranges

Christina T.
Great unisex scent.

I really like this scent. I think it's a great unisex scent, especially for women who don't like very feminine scents. The citrus scent is nice and bright. The citrus scent does die down a little quickly, but I enjoy the warm leathery scent that stays with you. I do wish it lasted a little longer.

Lauren C.

Blood Oranges

melissa l.
Didn't have any staying power

I loved the scent but it disappeared from my skin very quickly even when using a lot of the product. I do not beleaguer the website and shipping was great they gave me a coupon thati appreciated very much but I wouldn't buy a full size of this particular product just so I can smell like it for a few minutes and have to reapply.

Hannah J.
Loved it, but not very lasting

This scent is bright, warm, and friendly-- something I wasn't expecting, or would have typically chosen for myself. My only complaint is that it seems to fade after a couple of hours. Great for a single outing, but not the scent I want to wear to the office.

Shareya M.
Subtle & Comforting

I bought a 1ml decanted tester after hearing that it's what Tom Hiddleston wears. (I'm new to fragrances, taking inspiration from my favorite actors.)
Blood Oranges starts out with a sweet citrus smell, which soon fades into its rich leather & musk notes.
It is a very subtle , close range fragrance. Won't be overpowering to those around you, but when someone is close enough to catch it, it is a very warm and comforting scent.
For some it may be too weak a scent, but for me, it's perfect. Just strong enough to smell & get get used to, but not so strong as to give me a headache.
I'll definitely be buying a full bottle from Shay & Blue.