Blood Oranges
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Brand Shay & Blue

Crisp, fresh, and mouthwatering with a surprisingly opulent musky drydown, Blood Oranges is a deceptively deep fragrance where the book is every bit as delightful (if totally different) as its cover. Opening with a juicy blood orange note overflowing with sweet, tart, full-bodied refreshment, Blood Oranges takes an interesting turn in the drydown, as a sensual blend of musks, woods and leather emerges for a surprisingly deep and sophisticated unisex style. Fresh yet dignified, Blood Oranges is a summertime stunner that just may surprise you.

Blood Oranges Notes

Blood orange, leather, musk, woody notes, amber


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Customer Reviews

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I'm addicted

I bought this one blind with 4 other picks with the goal of finding a summer fragrance. When it arrived it was the first one I ran to try (mainly because of the name and I was curious how oranges can be twisted into a fragrance) and OMG it was surprisingly something special!! I used it straight for a week without even smelling the the other picks in the box. I can say that it does not project across the room but it is noticeable by others standing close by or walking past you and anyone lucky enough to hug you it will brighten up their day. Also the lasting period is about 3-4 hours with the scent slowly declining. To keep the scent going i re-applied midday. Now after a week I decided to choose 1 of the others out the box, virgin island water by creed which is a formidable scent for summer in it's own right but after the 2nd day I missed the blood oranges :( ...Anyways, love this site, love blood oranges and it looks like this will be the first time I double back when the bottle finishes :)

blood orange

awesome orange scent lasted maybe 3 hours then when to a barely noticeable skin scent on my skin.


Fragrância que traz essa vibração de um dia ensolarado!