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Fleurs D'Oranger

This is the best representation of real orange blossom that I have encountered to date. In Morocco they sell fresh orange blossoms at the market. Nice hotels will fill baskets of them and place them in entry ways to scent the breeze as you walk by. It is the sweetest, fresh, honeyed scent of spring. I have been looking for a way to recapture this experience since I visited Fez over a decade ago and have FINALLY found it! Not a hint of bitter neroli or gasoline here at all. Pure, sweet freshness of orange blossom. Magnificent! I will caution though that this scent is very heady and sweet and you need a break from it or it gets to be suffocating. Advise to apply this sparingly in a location where you won't be smelling it nonstop.

Lisa Neff
Superb service; website a bit clunky

I loved the scents I chose, but to be fair I already knew two of the four, LOL :-) I've been looking for a sample of my beloved L'Artisan Safran Troublant and Scent Split had it!

My samples came really fast and well-wrapped. The owner solicited my feedback even before the order shipped, which is a sign of a conscientious entrepreneur!

However, the website is quite clunky to navigate:
(1) it takes more clicking than needed to explore the fragrances and;
(2) it lacks a wide range of search filters (e.g., by note, by sillage, etc.).
I had to do lots of clicking back and forth to read descriptions, and that's one of my pet peeves. E-tailers must make the customer's shopping experience as easy as possible or they'll click out of the site!

Search clicks could be reduced by the following:
(1) Allow for more specific, targeted filters
(3) Have a scent quiz to help narrow down a set of fragrance choices based on quiz responses (e.g., do you kike fruity or floral; sporty or elegant, etc.).
(4) It would also be great to have a rating system for each perfume that would eventually enable recommendations for each customer based on their reviews (ie., because you liked xxxxx, you may also like zzzzz).
(5) I’d also love to see a “New Fragrances” filter!
I suggest looking at to get an idea of a good set-up of filters :-) Take the quiz and see how it works. And try the brand and note filters (you have a brand filter but not a note filter).

Prices were more than fair. It's one of the reasons I chose to shop at Scent Split. Niche brands + good price = close to my idea of heaven :-)

One last note. I'm physically handicapped -- with deformed wrists -- and I found the caps on the 1-mL vials to be extremely difficult to remove. I lost some of the juice from a couple vials because I had to yank so hard to get the tops off!

All-in-all, Scent Split is great site with great prices, selection, and customer service plus one heck of a "CEO." Decrease the no. of clicks needed to explore, add in some more basic search options, and find 1-mL vials/ that have easier-to-remove caps (or some comparative solution) and I'll recommend you all up and down the fragrance communities I frequent!

I'll be back to get small spray vials of Safran Troublant and Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger though . . .

Maryelizabeth Somers

Great service, nice scent.

Feminine Sharp Floral

Really nice smell. It makes me think of a wedding bouquet in the best way I am holding the most fragrant bouquet of flowers in my hand. I've had it on for about 30 minutes, and it has a little bit of a powdery smell now which I love. The floral smell is still pretty sharp though. Pretty good sliage, not sure about performance yet.