Datura Noir
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Brand Serge Lutens

Seductive and mesmerizing, this takes the familiar theme of white flowers, coconut and vanilla and puts a dark and mysterious spin on it. It is still an enchanted tropical isle, but it is midnight and we’re not sure exactly what is waiting for us in the deep blue shadows. A wickedly insistent blend of datura, osmanthus, heliotrope and tuberose beckons us to go ever deeper into the dark heart of the jungle. Voluptuous tonka and vanilla lull us into a dreamy haze, while unexpected touches of bitter almond and myrrh keep us wary and on the lookout for danger. Datura Noir does not reveal itself as a straightforward journey, but as a series of flickering impressions: one moment purely floral, the next apricot sweet, and the next richly gourmand. Somehow they all fit together beautifully, like the elements of like a particularly wild and vivid dream. We know that the treacherous datura is a hallucinogenic, but this reminds us of a different altered state – that of being madly, wildly, obsessively in love. Like the song you can’t get out of your head, or the face you cannot stop picturing – this is a fragrance you cannot forget.


Myrrh, bitter almond, tonka bean, musk, osmanthus, heliotrope, mandarin, lemon blossom, tuberose, vanilla, coconut oil, apricot

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Customer Reviews

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I can't forget my first encounter with this perfume. I was at the mall and saw someone nearby spray a bottle of this. When I smelled it, I was blown away. It smelled to me like...some type of purple flower, Vanilla, Baby powder, Musk..It smelled soooo good...sweet, intoxicating, highly addicting, I thought..I gotta have it but I wasn't ready to pay the price. I went home and could not get the smell out of my mind. I'm soo glad I found it here. I have to be honest, when I received my sample order, it didn't smell as amazing as it did the first time. The sample I received from Scentsplit smells more old lady-ish. The dry down isn't as smooth either.

Summer Breaze

Very coconuty, I love it!

Lovely for summer

This perfume is both light and sparkling while maintaining a warm and cozy base. Flowers flowers .. stars out a bit loud but dries down closer to the skin .. lovely

Love! Love! Love!

Smells amazing. The scent last a long time. I’ll definitely be ordering a big bottle.