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Not What It Sounds Like!

Considered gender neutral, was super strong masculine scent! Terrible smell on woman. Gave to my son, a Scent Split connoisseur, who didn't like either. Agreeing, very masculine and exceptionally strong with harsh notes. Thought Roja was top brand. Maybe? But the high price was a total loss.

Fabio Matteo Greuel
Yesterday at the spice bazar

This scent really smells as if the perfumer went to an omani spice bazar, bought some of every sort of spice they had, grinded and liquidated it somehow and then decanted it into Swarovsky bottles. My first inpression of it really wasn't the best one as it is merciless as the arab desert and savage as barely a second one (and I did try Tom Ford's Tobacco Oud). But after a couple of seconds I started loving it. It meets all my criteria for a fragrance, which are as follows: It should be deep, projecting, long lasting and -most important- far off the mainstream and without any citrusy notes you can actually smell. It's really interesting to smell all these different nuances Sultanate of Oman has. You'll get the smell of resin, Oud, incense and much more. However after all, tons and tons of spices are what defines this wonderful fragrance. It is this one of a kind mixture of spices that give the scent it's uncompromising boldness, and given to that, it emanates power and a whole lot of confidence, which you should definitely have if you decide to wear it at all. And if you even want to wear it at work, good luck. Only do it if you work in a leading position that noone can take away from you. For example if you are the Sultan of Oman or a Secretary of Defense.
After all I can say that Sultanate of Oman is a fantastic choice that gets uniqueness to another level and will extend your olfactory horizon.
Peace be upon You

Dom Maiani
Love it

I will be buying the bottle

Tuscan Leather upgrade

To be reductive, this fragrance is very similar to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather but with the bright Omani frankinscense instead of the ashtray debris. It adds a welcome complexity that helps with the monotonous linear drydown of TL. Now it's not twice as good as TL so the value may be lacking but that depends on your taste and budget. Similar performance as TL. 8.9/10

it smells so lovely

it really is something I haven't smelled before. a lot of perfumes I have smelled before have this gross bitter undertone this does not