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Shusmita Dipti
Very average perfume, great sample size!

ALWAYS sample before buying fragrances, this is a good example. Never blind buy after watching some reviews. This is so hyped up and it really didn't live up to my expectations. But ScentSplit is great!

pleasant but doesn't last

This scent is a pleasant floral but it has zero performance, and it also reminds me of a nail polish remover I used to use. I definitely won't be purchasing a full bottle- thanks to Scent Split for supplying decants!!

lana constanti-nova
out of 22 samples I would buy this one immediately

this was exactly how it's described a magic scent in a bottle... It feels like being in a fairytale straight away. Bright super shiny and clear clean perfume... I smell fruits more like a sugar apple maybe rather than peach to me... but very sophisticated and well blended. Thanks a lot for giving us such an opportunity to smell before we buy and try on our skin.

Nasstassia Davy
Smells unremarkable

Nothing special about this perfume , especially at that price tag. It smells bright and floral, but has an overly sharp note that just overpowers the whole fragrance. Also take this with a grain of salt, because it could just be the decant. I’ve noticed that most of my samples now all look clear. In the past when I’ve ordered they’d have the same colour juice as the originals. So I’m wondering if they’re being diluted or watered down by scentsplit.

Kathy Jimenez
smells delicious

it smells fruity and fresh and its very long lasting. Great scent..and of high quality.