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Rudiel V.S
The smell is good.

Honestly the only time I noticed a difference was when I was at gym, the women seemed nicer this time around and they initiated conversations with me instead. Other then that it's the smell is strong in the beginning then it subsides after an hour. I'll need a little more time to gauge the performance of the cologne.

Ronnell Patton
Smell bad!!!

Don’t recommend no one to get this

Tommy Johnson

Danger Parfum Cologne

S. Nightingale
The name says it all; DANGER

Yes, it's dangerous. I don't think I've ever described a cologne as "naughty" but this scent definitely conveys a sexual overtone. It's definitely a "come to daddy" type of scent. I've had strangers ask me what I was wearing; both men and women. It's a little much to wear every day for a signature scent but perfect for a night out. I'm not well versed in breaking down the notes in a cologne but the scent is very smooth and suave. It starts off a little horny but after about an hour it mellows out and won't attract attention from across the room. As for Scent Split, buy with confidence. I got exactly what I wanted in a reasonable amount of time. The aesthetics of the bottle are very basic but the quality of the bottle seems up to par with what's inside. I'll definitely buy from them again.

Reinaldo Diaz

Muy satisfecho!