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Tinker W.
Citrus blast!

Perfect for summer! Bright, zesty and fresh!

Benjamin R.K.
Not what i expected

I bought aqua viva based on the recomendation of curly fragance
I wanted a aqua di parma vive
This sent smells like bathroom cleaner completely lemony and that's it. like if you squeeze a lime and rubed all arround you, also it's supposed to be very long lasting cause it's a 40% concentration but after a couple of hours it became not more then a skin sent
Very disappointed not for me won't buy a bottle

Kevin B.
Fragrance Acqua Viva

Nice. Not bottle worthy at full retail. I’ve said it before. This is why I shop at Scent Split. Learn what the scent does for you first BEFORE you get married and buy a full bottle at retail.

A Citrus Lover's Citrus

Unreal amounts of Amalfi lemon. Opens green and grassy, nose-tickling at the tip of the nose. There is no sweetness; just bracing, punchy zing. Settles somewhere woody, but just barely, and only at the very end. No hit of Pledge or chemical cleansers. Just pure, straight sunshine; frozen lemon juice left to melt on a terrace, warmed by the sun.

Erminio L.
Citrus Bomb

Tons of Sicilian lemon.
Best performance of a citrus perfume with a predominantly lemon note.
I also feel a lot of cypress and only at the end a wonderful cedar.
Linear, powerful, and perfect for summer and spring days.

Acqua Viva

Wow, this has to the Best smelling Lemon fragrance