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Brett G

The Tragedy Of Lord George

The Tragedy of Lord George

Give 4.5 stars scent and 4 on performance. Most people agree that the strength of this fragrance is obviously the scent-it’s a hit. The longevity and projection are average, or better but it’s not as poor in longevity as some reviews say. If you spray ample amount on, you should get decent longevity. For some reason, this decant reminds me of Tom Ford’s Beau de Jour, although they don’t smell anything alike. Tragedy of Lord George is an ambery, spicy-woody that has a clean, classy barbershop vibe and can be worn in about any situation. This is my 2nd I’ve tried from this perfume house. They are legit from all aspects. Quality. You have to admit that the full bottles are pretty cool. One day, I’ll have to fess up and get one, but I’d like it to be The Uncompromising Sohan by Penhaligon's. Not a huge number of notes here. Brandy, woody notes, Tonka Bean, soapy, and amber. Brandy/Cognac has shown to be a very successful boozy note in many perfumes and colognes. One might say it’s intoxicating. 😊
Anyway, back to The Tragedy of Lord George. Some of the notes aren’t really strong one’s to begin with (because of their nature) -- maybe. It’s more of milder blend, due to the type materials used, IMO—and that maybe the reason some people see it having poor performance. This one is not meant to punch you out/KO. Sometimes we grow to expect that in a fragrance, especially men. I think this one is more about class and sophistication without the snootiness. Sauvé. It's about being confident without being aware of it. The structure of this fragrance appears simple by looking at its ingredients and notes, but yet gives a sense of complexity, but elegant, stylish, and refined. And yet you don’t need to work on Wallstreet to pull it off. You just need to be sure of it—that’s all. I’d say that’s pretty darn successful, wouldn’t you? This is a consistent and steady fragrance in all areas—just not a huge strong one that some people like.

David Martin
Tragedy of Lord George

Delightful lasting scent. Highly recommended

N. Amos

A manly elegant perfume!

Wayne Trujillo
Classic Cool

Great classic vibe with a modern spin. Love it!