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Kaitlyn B.
Nice Scent

Very lovely scent. Showed up sweet and slightly spicy on my skin. Very subtle, so don’t expect much projection on this. Only took away one star for longevity, as it doesn’t last very long on my skin. Overall a very nice scent and would suggest purchasing if you are able to splurge on this scent.

Marisa t.N.
Spicy sophisticated scent

The pimento gives this perfume a really interesting initial smell and the dry down is a delicious cashmere tobacco. I really love wearing this perfume and it smells especially nice in my hair. I also love to spray my pillow because the deep scents help take me on a fragrant sleepy time journey. What a lovely way to drift off to sleep.

Interesting Spicy Scent

For me Changing Constance is a lovely spicy scent for my home or a candle, but not so much on my skin. I can see its appeal to those who love a spicy perfume and I can understand why some folks view this as a wnter/ holiday scent as the spices certainly evoke a spiced cider/spiced cookie vibe. Since I live in South Carolina where it's never what anyone considers winter ( it's snowed once here in the last decade) it may be that I will have give it a try again when I travel northward for the holidays. For now Constance is an overpoweringly spicy chick who's a bit " in your face" for a warm, generally humid climate. She needs to heat up the world around her not overheat and overwhelm.