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Love it!

Absolutely love the Penhaligon's Trade Routes set, and this might be my favorite of the bunch. Spicy, with a rose note, good longevity, and can even be layered with Babylon. (Also, if you like this one, you'll love Constantinople - they're very similar, except no rose in Constantinople.)

Kari Jones
I get five stars

Everything was wonderfully packaged with care order arrived in a timely manner, and the product was amazing. All my fragrances are wonderful and I will be purchasing again and again.

Fun Trying

I read the review and had spend years in the Middle East and loved the smells. I definitely got the wood and incense tones but not any florals for me. I have worn a stronger fragrance for over 50 years with a hint of Oriental tones and they no longer make that perfume. I have tried many other perfumes over the years but my body chemistry often changes the smells to sour or yucky. I loved and appreciated trying a tiny sample while not breaking my bank, thank you Scent Split…I will continue my search for my new fragrance.

Rachel Ardin

This one is too strong for me. Very heavy flora . I put it in the Chanel 5 zone. I hadn't tried before. The quality was very good and lasted ALL day.

Nakida Grear
Scent split is top tier!

This is an excellent way to sample niche fragrances that influencers recommend on YouTube and TikTok. I’ve placed several orders and this company delivers fast and the packaging is superb. Thanks for helping me save thousands of dollars on “blind buys”. And thanks for giving me a chance to smell like a superstar !