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Brand Parfums de Marly

Inspired by the colorful bustle of the Royal Court of Versailles, Layton, the newest fragrance from Parfums de Marly, bursts forth with a fresh, dynamic masculine elegance that perfectly embodies the festive yet elegant atmosphere of the 18th century's most important and luxurious seat of power.

Layton opens with a dazzling splash of juicy, tangy bergamot and apple, tilted towards the alluringly masculine with fresh lavender, geranium and violet. Warm amber tones lend richness to the spicy heart, while a drydown of precious woods and vanilla up the opulence even further- perfect for a fragrance meant to evoke a name still synonymous with gloriously high-end excess. Life at Versailles must surely have been a dazzling mix of business, statecraft, leisure and celebration- it should come as no surprise that Layton presents itself as a perfect fragrance for any and all of those pursuits.

Layton Notes

Bergamot, lavender, apple, mandarin, violet, jasmine, geranium, gaiac, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, vanilla, pepper


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Customer Reviews

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Pure Fire

My very 1st PDM fragrance I ever bought off sheer reviews, hype etc. and I gotta admit I rarely buy anything blindly, without smelling it at a store 1st, but because of all the talk, I just went with it and got a 10ml sample.
HOLY SHIT was I blown away with this fragrance. Crisp, Fresh, Sexy, Rich, Masculine, yet soft.
From the bottle to my skin the scent worked amazingly. Day 1 of wearing this, 5 compliments before noon, 8 more before going to bed, not to mention when I woke up, I could STILL smell this on me.
2 sprays on the neck, one on each wrist. THAT'S IT.
This is a grand slam in my book, and won't hesitate to spend the $$$ on a full size bottle.
Projection - Fire
Performance - Fire
Overall - PURE FIRE


It's good but smell a bit too sweet like bubble gum

good purchase

the fragrances received were nice. Shipping was fast and Scent Split service was great.

Love it

Great product for a reasonable price.

This is too good

FB worthy!