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Malcolm Henry
amazing! Start to Finish

Smelled this in Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale cant remember which and i didnt like this at all!! let it set on my skin over the day and insta fell in love --- put ya nose on this one.

Robert W Teeter Jr
Its a great scent

Its a very good scent that smells like nothing else

Ben Rings
Love it! Great compliment getter!

It took me a little warming up to, but I fell in love with it over time. It's not for everyone, so I highly recommend sampling it because it's a love it or hate it kind of fragrance. It took a little bit for that blood orange note to come out, but it did eventually. A lady complimented me on it while I was at work which made my day. If you love the smell of burnt wood and spices, this fragrance if definitely for you.

Max M

It smells like something someone who REALLY wants to come across as masculine would wear. Not a bad scent but it gave me a headache

Jason C
Changes day to day

When I initially sprayed this scent I loved it , my spouse even complimented on the smell. The next day I wore it and the scent changed and I smelled something totally different that I did not care for. It started smelling like when someone sprays cologne/perfume on to cover up cigarette smell after taking a puff. Totally ruined this fragrance for me forever. All I smell now is ashtray.