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You can’t go wrong

I’m so glad I got to know this company. I ordered 2 x 5ml fragrance for the first time and got impressed. Nice packaging, perfect atomizer, nice labeling and descent shipping time. I will definitely order again and highly recommend to anyone who wants to sample a product before purchasing a bottle.
They also sell the full size in original packaging.

Paul S
Big fan of PdM, but ......

I own FB of Layton, Carlisle, Oajan, Herod (all blind buys except for Layton) Love them all / great scents / performers. But not this one - what happened? While the scent is nice, the performance is less than moderate. Spritzed about 1/3 of my 5ml sample. Poof - gone in one hour. So glad I didn't buy a FB. At their asking price, this should perform at least as well as the others that I own. But okay to sample, I suppose. Now I know.

Charles E. McDaniel

Great scent !!!!

Expensive Old Spice

Always searching for the elusive “Diamond in the rough” type of scent, bought this hoping it would fit the mold as a different, masculine scent. The opening is nice, but then all that freshness comes through. It might be good for some, but my wife even asked if my dad wore cologne, because it smelled like him. Not in a bad way, but Old Spice was one of his mainstays and that’s exactly what this reminds me of now. Good scent, just not one for me at all.

Shahzad Rauf