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Mohammad K.

Smell good and good Lasting




I received a 2ml sample of this as a gift. In no way was i asked to do this or being paid to i am just that impressed with this frag. I am not the biggest fan of oud frags, but I think that's because most companies either use cheap oud (barnyardy) or different aroma chemicals to try and create an oud scent. At first, this was a little too smokey for me. It's almost like a fireplace that just burnt out. However, after it got some air in the bottle, I now get this absolutely stunning, lightly sweet and spicy scent with the slightest hint of rose in the late mid/drydown. I mostly wear "manly" scents or unisex leaning masculine. This is perfectly unisex, but I'd say leaning a little masculine.
Top notes- rose and saffron
Mid- jasmine, clove, cedarwood, cumin
Base- oud, patchouli, olibanum, leather, musk, praline
Don't judge this by the notes that you're not a fan of. They are blended to perfection. This is art, yet can be mass appealing. I'd recommend for fall/winter/early spring., I highly highly recommend sampling though because it's definitely not a safe blind by for everybody. It's mysterious, dark yet playful, cozy, and oh yeah, it's a BEAST! I sprayed 3 times on skin from a 2 ml sample with a terrible atomizer, and I smelt it the next day. 2 sprays on clothes with the same atomizer, easy 6-8 hours with that tiny amount. 3-4 sprays from the real bottle with good atomizer (which I'm purchasing now) will last a very solid 8-12 hours, 16-24 on clothes. The quality is impeccable, and the oud used here is the oud that has been harvested after years and years ( the very expensive oud) that has a sweet, resinous quality to it. I never write reviews like this, but if you want to dip your feet in the oud game, I highly recommend this. If you like any type of middle eastern frags, woody spicy frags, or oud/rose/saffron frags, you'll love this. Atleast I hope you will as much as I do. PS there are no "funky" or "earthy" facets in this frag. It's beautiful.