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Vladimir R.
Just great

I like the scent.

Attention Getter

Got a few compliments.

Mark T.
Not my planet

Based on the positive reviews I had high hopes for this one. However, I was very disappointed to smell a cheap Play-Doh-like scent, for which I regret having spent a lot on a decant. I don't get the ambroxan or the high class barber shop vibe. I'll stick to my Green Irish Tweed for the barber shop vibe (or even a GIT clone) and Office for Men or Acqua di Gio Profondo for ambroxan. B-612 is a planet not worth visiting.

Logan S.

I’m not really a fan of fougere fragrances but this one peaked my interest and... wow!! Absolutely love it. Quite different from any fougere I’ve ever tried. The opening with the cypress and patchouli and geranium and lavender is heavenly, aromatic and fresh, dry, spicy vibes. B-612 is definitely one of my favorites now. It lasts all day too and projects strong. The dry down with the oak moss and tonka bean is heavenly. I love the oak moss here. Fresh, aromatic and earthy, top notch.

Great Nishane!

I wanted to try some Nishane perfumes and I got three: Ani, B-612 and Munegu. I love all three and now have to decide which one to purchase. I love Scent Split too because you can test out scents before making purchases you would not use. That saves a lot of money in the long run. Scent Split does a excellent job and I will continue to use them!!!