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GOAT on campfire smell

Ironic that our Promethean ancestors might have first been concocting colognes to cover their smoky default smell and here I am trying to smell like I prepped my moka pot over an open flame... So I went to the reddit thread "Fragrances that smell like a campfire, brush fire, etc..?" and tried almost all of them-- Arso is great but not particularly memorable. Patchouli-24 may leave you counting the hours until you can hit the shower "undo" button. City on Fire works if you're feeling particularly punchy-punk rock and want to see the world burn-- but that isn't a sustainable long run vibe. BdA is my go-to for day to day-- I like that I pick up a hint of unburned redwood/cedar in it and that it hangs in my hair after dry down the same way a scouting trip or relaxing Sierras getaway would.

Bois d'Ascès

This is my favorite scent at the moment. It's perfectly smokey, and not in a bbq sort of way. Notes that hit my nose the most are whiskey cedar and oakmoss. If I could afford the full bottle I would grab it in a heartbeat, but I'll have to stick to the 5ml size until then.

Rosaline H.T.

Bois d'Ascèse

A S.C.
Absolutely the Smokiest

What an amazing fragrance! It’s so rich and smoky. Just like the kind that you smell from chimneys as you walk on a cloudy day. I love it!

Shareya M.
Nice, But Not For Me

A gorgeous initial scent, but it dries down very tangy on me, unfortunately.