Honey Aoud
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Brand Montale

Sweet, balsamic and surprisingly light, Honey Aoud is a delightful new oriental vanilla confection with tremendous versatility. Focused around Montale's signature note of smoky, resinous agarwood, Honey Aoud adds (you guessed it) honey to the mix, a syrupy, cinnamon-inflected, wonderfully true honey note that smooths the aoud's rough edges, leading into a deep, earthy patchouli, vanilla and amber drydown. The result is somewhere between oriental and gourmand, sweet, creamy, spicy and sultry, but all without any of the cloying heaviness sometimes associated with either genre, making Honey Aoud easy to wear anywhere, any time.


Honey, oud, flowers, patchouli, cinnamon, leather, vanilla, amber

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Customer Reviews

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Great fragrance, I always get nice compliments...Gonna purchase the 100ml..

Yes Honey!

I really enjoyed my sample of this - and as the name says, the honey notes are forthright, sweet, and spicey. Unique and feminine - on my yes list for a larger size.

Sexy Unisex

Sultry yet cozy, too—you can smell the the honey, but it’s not too sweet.
I also liked the Montale Intense Cafe—a warm, yummy gourmand.


This is a totally intoxicating scent that I adore. Right now, I wear it at home because I find a lot of spice in this, cinnamon in particular, that would work better in the Fall for me. Until then, completely cuddle worthy and I’ll continue to wear it as a comfort scent. Highly recommend...one of my favorite Montale's.

This is a lovely sweet

This is a lovely sweet and a little quirky scent -- exactly what I was looking for for spring. It is strong. I wish I could do 1/2 sprays! The decant should last me a good while,