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Zach H.
Smells Like Expensive Laundry Sheets

Smells fresh and clean. 8.5/10 for fresh scents. That said, it's 100% NOT worth $375. Because this brand tightly controls distribution, you'll not find it at a discounter. I suspect they're starting to feel the error of their ways, considering that it's quite difficult to generate brand gravitas when you're new to the market and pumping out fragrances with crazy high price tags that don't perform well.

Great new cologne

This was my first time trying a fragrance from this house and it did not disappoint. I sampled a few fragrances at my local Neiman's. This was my favorite. It has everything I want in a men's cologne. Very citrusy and sharp at first spray but after a minute it morphs into a well blended sexy and smooth cologne. Middle is a little floral but then comes the musk and leathery notes. Smells amazing. Its a must try. Have not smelled anything like it before.

Haven C.
Citrus, Tea, Floral

Starts out really citrusy then quickly mellows out into a tea floral. Never smelt a tea fragrance before but I like it! It's really elegant and firmly unisex, in my opinion.