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Not bad, just not for me

I don't get any of the fresh top notes, I get alot of the pepper on initial spray. After a few minutes I really smell the florals with the vanilla and Musk but still that underlying spice. I see alot of people say this is sweet, maybe because I love gourmand this isn't very sweet to me. I don't mind the scent just not something I will wear. When I smell this I picture a sophisticated older man.

Michelle Miles
Really like this

This fragrance smells like candy. It isn’t super sweet or anything like that, but it is … velvet vanilla. I smell more of a candy smell than a vanilla smell. It is a compliment getter but it is a casual fragrance. I would not wear this to a late night evening or night out. I wore it wine tasting, for reference, and it just seemed to get unexpected attention. Likewise, in the office. And this was during the winter.
I can’t wait to wear it in the summer. I think it is a great fragrance. It is expensive but the bottle is super large.


I wanted to try this perfume as i read great reviews, but it wasn't for me. It did have a strong scent that lasts all day but the scent was too much for me, as I prefer something subtle

Shawnett Garriques
My new favorite 🤩

I just adore this fragrance. It’s so good.

Michael Lopez

Velvet Vanilla