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Rachel B
Cologne with coffee notes

It pains me to only give 3 stars-I would rate 3.5 for lasting power. I personally wish this wasn’t called
Coffee Break. I do pick up on very very faint coffee notes but the lavender and soapy notes are so strong to me that it resembles one of my husband’s favorite colognes. Does it smell good? Yes but on him as a cologne having nothing to do with replicating a warm coffee shop break. It isn’t my favorite Replica scent. I say sample and try it because many people love it. If it was called “Hubby’s T Shirt” then I would probably love it even more….

Smells Nice, But Not Coffee-Like

I was SUPER excited to smell a warm cup of coffee but this is not that at ALL. It’s definitely creamy, cozy, and light but I don’t recommend if you’re looking for a coffee-forward fragrance; more than anything, you’ll smell clean and floral with soapy undertones. Aside, great experience with ScentSplit ((:

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Wonderful date night fragrance! Doesn't project much, but performs a good 5-6 hours on me. Also good for the office/school. It's a wonderful, slightly sweet coffee with cream scent, almost like hazelnut. I love it!

Aaron Scott
Gorgeous scent!!!

Just starting my collection w gourmand fragrances… Sweet and creamy, warm and clean; couldn’t have picked a BETTER scent to start with!

Hint of coffee

This is a BEAUTIFUL fragrance. It’s lavender and cream with a hint of coffee. I’m so glad it’s not an overwhelming coffee scent. It’s amazing. I need a bigger decant.