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Alisha Wilkens
Wanted to love it

I have heard so many wonderful reviews about this fragrance - I was so excited for the sample. However, it was so overly milky and banana-y that I could feel it in my throat - it was a little too much. If it were a little less aggressive, I would like it. I will keep trying to layer it to see if I can round it out, but it’s hard to figure out what would reduce those pudding notes. Too bad.

Lisa Churinskas-Hulit
Perfect ylang

I go through phases when it comes to sampling and purchasing fragrances for my very large collection. Ylang ylang has caught my attention lately, and this is one that I have been interested in trying for a very long time. I was not disappointed at all. I may purchase a full bottle. Or I may just buy another 9 ml! I love how it's beachy, but doesn't smell like tanning lotion. It's more about cocktails on the deck of your over the water bungalow in Bora Bora!

Michelle Sparrow

Ylang In Gold

Creamy Custard With Tropical Hints

I've read that ylang ylang can smell like banana custard sometimes and boy was that correct with this. It amused me because while it's a floral scent, it comes across as very gourmand on my skin. I get almost a photorealistic scent of vanilla custard with hints of banana and coconut. Is it bad? No, it's quite delicious. But unless you really love gourmands, I wouldn't opt for it. The scent lasted quite some time, though I just had the 1ml dabber so it's hard to say what the actual performance would be.

not impressed

I expected to be blown away but it's just ok for me but I'm new to the niche scene so figuring out I'm prob not into ylang note