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Ryan Eby

Smelt savory, like a cut of meat.

Abdullah Almarri


Mia Chilcote
Charred Wood

The fragrance smelled like charred wood. Or the inside of a house that has been burnt.

Suzanne Wilson

I love this scent and I love e em more that scent split makes it so much fun to discover new scents.
This is just the right balance of patchouli !

Fred Wada
Don’t judge by opening notes

I purchased this on a YouTube recommendation. I did smell it on a card at a le labo lab so I knew what I was getting into. When I first took in this pungent scent at first spray I thought “oh great. That was a mistake!” And hated it. But, One day thought I’d give it another chance, so I put it on with usual sprays and off to work I went. After abt and hour it started to smell good and after a bit of dry down it was a really good scent that I couldn’t get enough of!! What? I know crazy right? Now I’m glad to have it in my collection. I can see why it got the good review that it did on YouTube. Get past that initial opening note and will bloom into a treasure. Think that’s the draw of this one. Still the first time was not a positive experience but I gave it a chance and it made a difference. So very interesting about Patchouli 24. Good Projection and performance I got past 8 hours with it. Yet to see compliments with it but will see in the months ahead.