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Melo C
Odd ride

Ok so you get hit with a strong blast of aroma right off. Neither good nor bad but strong. It’s quickly turns into yes chocolate strawberries. Very potent and heavy on the strawberries. I used 3 swipes of the 1ml dipper. One behind each ear one I rubbed on my wrists. I don’t know if it was too much but it gave me a headache after getting kicked in the head by a strawberry for 3 hrs. Again this is strong stuff. After 4 hrs it changes to a dark deep smell. Very sexy. But for me not worth getting beat up by a strawberry for 4 hrs. But you may dig strawberries.

Orlando D Sherer
Amazing Scent

I can see that this could be a all year scent.
Great for all occasions. Truly spectacular.

Alton Butler
Chocolate Strawberries

That is all I have to say. Chocolate strawberries.

JonPierre Peterson
The Juice

Absolutely amazing juice. Time for a larger bottle.

Eric Kilbourne
A Hidden Gem

Aurum is a great Fall/Winter/ Spring date night fragrance. Definitely for the well dressed gentlemen. You have the very interesting notes of rose, chocolate and strawberry in the fragrance. The dry down is what really shines in this fragrance in my opinion. Projection is about two to three feet about a half an hour after the opening. Aurum is a very sexy/intimate fragrance that will definitely get her attention. Worth checking out.