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Audrey Clifford
New Summer Scent

This scent grew on me for sure. It starts off a little sweet but grows overtime to a summery second skin.

A staple in my collection!


Was curious to try the sandalwood & coconut notes combo, thought might be different as I’m not a big fan of sandalwood. Not for me, sandalwood is quite dominant. But it’s always fun to try new things. The fragrance itself is very long lasting.

Victoria Slayton
Exactly what I imagined

I knew I would like this fragrance when I saw the notes, but I've heard people talk of sandalwood notes sometimes smelling like pickles. I was a little nervous about this, but on me the sandalwood note comes off warm and smooth, not at all like pickles. I hate woody notes but I have a soft spot for sandalwood, and this perfume definitely does it justice!!! A comforting, beautiful coconut / sandalwood scent, highly recommend for the warmer months!

Amanda Mallett

Nice winter scent very rich, love the sandalwood, lasts forever

Kira Parker
The coziest, brunchiest smell ever

Straight up serotonin. Smells like expensive orange juice and sandalwood. I imagine a hungover supermodel putting on a silk blouse and linen pants and spritzing on this perfume to go meet her friends for brunch so she doesn't smell like last nights drinks. good performance, projection is moderate so not exactly an office perfume but not offensive in crowds!