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Tyler Van Arden
Top notch Company

I was skeptical at first since I've never ordered sample scents before. But this company is extremely reliable, the cologne scents I ordered came in their smallest sizes which is what I ordered, I think the price for the two samples was worth it just cuz I didn't want to buy a whole bottle of cologne and not like the smell. For the amount of cologne and shipping I think they do well. I'll order again in the future.

Ken F.
Smells like something my aunt would wear

We've all heard it's unisex! But on my skin, it smelled a bit feminine. Although this fragrance has a beautiful scent, it's more appropriate for women over 35. If you're a man wearing this, you better look and feel confident as well. People around you will definitely notice you and will think you smell really good. Asian women love this stuff, especially those who live in the Philippines!

Lorraine C.
Warm scent

Smells Amazing


Myrrh & Tonka

Ron Haley

I will say this, when I initially received my item and the top was not working, I would have given you a 4, but because you sent out a replacement part ASAP, I kept it as a 5.....thank you for your services