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Ahmed Adel

Side Effect

Tonio Dunner

it smelt really good i was amazed

Alan Spain
Stepping into deep water

I had heard about initio side affect from utube influencers.In my sample purchase there was also Oud for greatness .These are two great fragrances.However my nose isn't quite ready for the luxury and dept of these two scents .Side Affect is easier of the two because it's brighter and it's a brilliant scent . Just now I don't feel ready for this level of fragrance my nose is not trained to fully enjoy each note and it's so strong I can go nose blind quickly.Its for someone who could fully appreciate a wonderful fragrance such as Side Affect

Olga B
Has a weird dry down smell

There was something off about the smell at the dry down. Not impressed at all.

Cristina Giammarco

This is for men? I see most of the reviews are from men or women who have bought for their man. I honestly didn't realize that when I purchased the sample. I'm glad I didn't as well because this scent is so luscious on me. I can't stop smelling myself! I'm not sure it would have the same effect if my guy was wearing it though. This has quickly moved to my top 3 go to scents and I'm back to order a larger bottle.