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Enjoying this more than Delina

I honestly still have a hard time with Delina, it’s probably the tartness setting off screechiness to a degree. Atomic Rose, however, is tolerable. I can actually enjoy realistic, aromatic, dewy red petal roses in the most enjoyable manner! The Madagascar Vanilla and Amber are in perfect melody with the Turkish and Bulgarian Roses- exquisite amount of sweet and resinous notes adding to its beauty 💝

Curtis Grayson

Atomic Rose

Alpana Dhuper
Stunning rose scent

Atomic rose is a beautiful and intriguing scent.

R. Tony
Atomic Rose!!!

Fell in love at first sniff

Lovely… from a distance

I have been looking for a rose fragrance to wear in spring and summer. Atomic Rose got good reviews on YouTube, so I decided to try it. To me, it is far to warm and rich to be worn in summer, and while sitting with the scent on me in my home it is almost cloying. Outside, the breeze caught the scent and I could smell it in the air around me - gorgeous. However, the constant aroma coming off my skin was just too intense for me to enjoy for any length of time. Excellent projection, sillage and longevity, but a bit too aggressive overall. In the past several weeks I also tried Rose de Mai from Perris Monte Carlo and Portrait of a Lady from Frederic Malle. Although POAL is not to my personal tastes, I find it to be a more elegant perfume compared to Atomic Rose and understand it’s popularity. My overall preference is for Rose de Mai - it transports you to Grasse on a sunny, clear day when the roses are in bloom.