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Fruity, rose-floral. Enjoyable, but not exciting. Not the most memorable, but happy to experience it.

Instant Gag Reflex

I don't usually "hate" fragrances, and I'm a fan of sweet fragrances. Delina is part of my signature scent rotation, and I quite like Tihota, so I had high hopes for this one from Indult. Wrong I was. This is sickeningly sweet, synthetic, cloying, just an overall abomination of a scent. I couldn't stand it.


Beautiful syrupy rose

The only review you need is the review telling you to go sample it. It is very beautiful. On paper it reminded me of Eden by Kayali minus the apple. On skin it is more reminiscent of Pink Me Up by Atelier Des Ors minus the powdery citrus. It is a deeply sugary sweet rose with just enough tartness to make it very bright and youthful. If you are into the frilly dress equivalents of perfume, this is a contender. I thought I was done with the over-saturation of litchi fragrances on social media this summer but this proves litchi has great range (compare to Azora) and is still worth exploring as a note.

Kristina D.
Gorgeous scent BUT

doesn’t last throughout the day!!! I wish it did! The scent is so warm and gorgeous but will not be purchasing because it doesn’t linger all day….I don’t even smell it anymore half way though the day!

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Rosa C.
Tropical vacation in a bottle

I love lychee in fragrances and decided to try Manakara. It smells like those lychee jellies that come in small. Smells amazing when initially spraying but it doesn’t have decent longevity- maybe 1-3 hours max. This is a great option for gourmand lovers who want to add something tropical-fruity to their collection.

Thaís D.
Rose from the heavens

This is the best rose fragrance out there in my opinion… something about it reminds me of childhood memories, playing with my rose scented plastic dolls (whatever that smell was, it has been reproduced in Manakara…) I’m not saying this smells like plastic, but smells like childhood dolls. It’s a bit sweet, ethereal, rose petals and sugar water!
It’s soft but persistent, was able to smell it radiating off my skin for about 6-7 hours. I NEED a full bottle of this!!