Coco Blanc
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Brand House of Matriarch

Originally created for the 2012 Artisan Chocolate and Fragrance Salon held in Santa Monica, Coco Blanc offers creamy luscious gourmand aromas using all natural ingredients.

The “Gourmand Gold Standard”, an irresistible vanilla musk. The perfume explorer does not need to be a fan of exotic niche fragrances to enjoy this perfume. It is a universally loved accord of the highest quality noble materials which are lactonic, vanillic and warmly appealing to almost everyone. Not overly sweet like mainstream gourmands, Coco Blanc is exceptionally long-lasting on the skin and perfectly unisex in the dry down, finishing with soft woods and spicy organic vanilla.

Coco Blanc by Matriarch is an Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women and men. Coco Blanc was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Christi Meshell.


The fragrance features white chocolate, vanilla, massoia, woody notes, spicy chai notes and natural musk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nicely done

Nicely done...Coco Blanc has a bit more of a wood bite then I would’ve expected but it’s an all together enjoyable vanillic fragrance. I do wish it lasted a little longer and I’m inclined to wear this during the Winter months due to the “smoke” element that I’m picking up.

Not crazy about it

I thought I'd like this scent more but it's a little too smoky for my taste. I ended up layering it with a sweeter vanilla and it turned out just right. On it's own, I'm not too crazy about it and feel it leans more towards the masculine. Still a very nice scent, just different then I had imagined it would be and not nearly as sweet as the reviews had led me to believe.

Coco Blanc “A slight disappointment”

After reading reviews...No projection for me. It wasn’t as I anticipated. Especially for the price. It started and stayed close to the skin. Even though I did pick up the scent on my skin, 8 hours later.

Not what I expected

I herd so many great things about this scent , if you are a lover of smoke and incense then this is for you I don’t smell white chocoholic at least not on my skin , I’ll try the t again when it is a little warmer. But definitely not what I expected. Did not last long on my skin a few hours it becomes a skin scent and then disappears .

Coco Blanc

Beautiful gourmand scent with an accurate name. For me this is a close encounter scent with someone you have an established relationship with, or lounging by yourself. It is not a very versatile scent, but that's not the point of this scent. I think the only real downside is that it is incredibly expensive. However, since there are only a handful of occasions you would bring this out it should last you a really long time.

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