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It’s perfect

I was really put off by the bug spray odor it has when first applied but that disappeared quickly, leaving behind lemongrass, pepper and spice notes. Eventually it works down to a lovely woody base

W Kevin
Summer scent

This is a summer scent due to its lightness. Lime, mint and pepper spice with a small hint of floral (not so much as to push it into the feminine zone,) are the best way I can describe this scent.
All those paragraphs written above don’t accurately give an idea of the smell. Maybe instead of trying to write a book about their scent, they should employ someone with a good nose to write what it actually smells like.
I enjoyed it and will purchase again

Ashley Lytton
In Charge

This handsome fragrance will leave you feeling smart and in control of the room you walk into! Its a fragrant throw with only 3 sprays and will last all day! With the 1st sniff I get strong juniper and bergamot and slowly brings in the black pepper to lay down at the table and leaves you with a masculine creaminess of vanilla, cinnamon, and Vivitar. oh my handsome goodness! Smells so good on my husband!

Brian Naig

Nice masculine fragrance.

anna scrupski

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