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The perfume is quite unique in some way but it reminds me of baby powder or some talcum powder. Longevity is about 3-4 hrs. If you like powdery scents with a barbershop feel this would be a great option. The initial projection is about 2 feet it is good for close counter interactions. Overall it is a good fragrance.

This is my first purchase from scentsplit. I didn't expect the issue about the shipping and it got me worried, specifically about the tracking system it doesn't update. It will only update when it arrives on your post office. And the waiting game is excruciating when you have no idea when it will arrive. But I will order more in the near future I have a lot on my list of fragrances to try.


I agree it’s a great barbershop scent. I don’t normally wear barbershop scents but this may be a keeper.

Great Barbershop Fragrance

Great Barbershop Fragrance. I would say a top barber style fragrance following Zaharoff Signature Pour Home ( #1) and possibly Maison Margiela's Replica At the Barbers. The opening is nice, like an expensive shaving cream, then Casanova dries down into a nice powdery barbershop style fragrance. I usually don't like powdery fragrances but this is an exception. It's not the type of fragrance I would wear too often, so I won't buy a bottle, however I may buy another decant some time in the future. I rate it a 3.5 stars but this system doesn't have half stars.

Fresh Yes

When i find a scent that works well on my skin i tend to cling to it
and this does just that; best for a Warn Day with friends it's better
Than Prozac for which i find most of my fragrances Relaxes me.

1725 by Histoires de Parfums

Good fragrance, light , doesn't last that long on my skin. Has a English leather smell , just not as strong.