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Christina Terry
A Masterpiece

I regret buying this only because I will cry once the decant is gone. It’s so beautiful. Nothing feels overpowering. The juiciness of the fruits balance the dryness of the Oud. The rose blooms deep and lush beneath the surface while the violet whispers over the top. The dry down is smooth and sensual, with layers that ebb annd flow instead of going flat. Absolutely stunning from start to finish.

Not what I expected

Smells like a plug in fragrance when rubbed on the body.

Scent junkie
Good stuff!

I bear witness that The Moon lives up to the hype! My favorite fragrance maker is Frederic Malle because their scents lean towards the maturer audience. Their repertoire is that of [perfection] and The Moon falls in line with that! This well blended fruity oud,yet still manifested towards machismo.Has baffled my senses in awe of the ingredients used to make this liquid utopia. This is the definition of a timeless classic that will be appreciated for the lovers of oud.

Alvaro Gamboa
Cuero y frutos rojos

Fragancia exquisita frutos rojos con una base de cuero y oud es como un ombre leather a más alto nivel y calidad

A staple in the collection

One of the best floral, fruity ouds around. A must have for individuals that love dense, elevated fragrances. Develops all day.