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Erika Rolland
Good and appealing.

Good scent, just didn’t wow me the way I had hoped. Scent Split is great as always though.

Sexy, Witchy, and Magical

Surprisingly, The Dark Side smells exactly how I expected it to smell -- woodsy and magical with a well-blended seductive undercurrent. The woodsy smell in this is like a dark, cool, forest floor with a slightly creamy, floral, sweet smell that's so well blended that no one note outshines the others. They all complement each other to create a unique fragrance. I love it, my wife loves it, and I'm considering buying a larger decant or full bottle. This would be for her because to my nose it leans feminine. The projection and longevity are moderate to strong, so I only needed one spray to last all day. Since this is my first review on Scent Split, I'll take a moment to review them as well and say their customer service, promptness, and wide selection of niche scents are unmatched. I especially appreciate the variety of sample sizes so I can try many different fragrances before deciding which ones I'll be buying a full bottle of without breaking the bank. I will absolutely order from Scent Split in the future.

Bianchi lights the way to darkness

Francesca Bianchi's talents center on making a large range of note blend into something that captures our imagination. The name invokes in us an expectation of a less than playful scent. This is accurate. It is hard to ignore and wants us to play in ways that may be intended for those seeking a scent of desire rather than a scent to desire. It's unsex has powerful longevity. Unisex and full bottle worthy