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Kierstyn Taylor
Smells like Cannabis and Blueberry Muffins

This perfume isn’t horrible, but it will not be a compliment getter. If you don’t like the smell of cannabis or bergamot/lemon citrus cents, you will not like this. It wears on like this for about 30 minutes or so before the sweeter smelling blueberry muffin scent begins to open up. It is definitely not full bottle worthy at all in my opinion and I think Poets of Berlin actually smells much better as an alternative. This is unique smelling but not necessarily in a way people will be asking you what you are wearing. It’s definitely a personal preference type of perfume.

Keith Buckman

One Umbrella For Two

Nice soft berry scent

I can understand the blueberry muffin comments. My nose is very hard to please. This scent isn't my favorite but I did like it. It's weird that it kind of reminds me of dog shampoo. It is very soft yet has a lasting linger. Dry down to me smells like a very faint berry vanilla tea. It's pleasant.

Blueberry. Muffin.

This scent smells exactly like a blueberry Muffin at a cafe. But not any muffin! One baked in-house, not too sweet but with the big crystal sugars on the top. More Blueberry Muffin than Poets of Berlin which just smells like a lemon blueberry tarte, this is more MUFFIN. I am hoarding my sample and saving for a full size one day....

Love at first sniff

This is absolutely beautiful. Leans extremely feminine on me. I get the blueberry muffin reference which is usually my least favorite of muffins. However this is gorgeous , natural smelling and melts in to your skin. The only complaint con is now I need to save for this bottle.