Fils De Dieu
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Brand Etat Libre d'Orange

The tagline for this Fils de Dieu, du Riz et des Agrumes (“Son of God, rice and citrus” is “He brings the sunshine”). But despite these distinctly religious references, there is nary a tear of incense in Ralf Schwieger's début scent for État Libre d'Orange. And despite a list of notes that almost reads like the recipe for a South-eastern Asian dish, Fils de Dieu never veers into the foody: rather, it shows how the aromas lacing one of the most refined cuisines in the world are also perfumes.

The green, citrusy top notes add sparkle to the cardamom and ginger, churning up the milky, powdery accents of the rice and coconut notes. The latter is picked up by the lactonic facets in jasmine, while a rich May rose hints that the Queen of flowers and steamed rice may have secret affinities.

Then as it moves into the drydown, Fils de Dieu reveals its animal nature by exhaling a soft, dark leather note, more suede than rawhide, infused with musk. And we sing Hallelujah.
Fils de Dieu Notes

Ginger, coriander leaves, lime, shiso, bergamot, Jungle Essence coconut, rice note, Jungle Essence cardamom, jasmine, cinnamon, French May rose, tonka bean, vetiver, musk, amber, leather, castoreum.

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Like my childhood

I’m filipina and this warms my soul. Takes me back to my childhood. Smells exactly like my home growing up. Amazing. I bought a full bottle. Coconut milk, rice, lime.... this embodies the Filipino household.