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Md A.A.F.

Icon Absolute

Not so icon

The lamest of the 3 I tested (Besides Icon and Icon Elite).

Sanila N.
Fast and amazing

Rememberable experience

It’s A No For Me

The moment I smelled this, it made my stomach turn. It’s wayyy too strong for my liking.

Icon Absolute(ly phenomenal)

Icon Absolute is an inadvertent, 98% clone of Tom Ford’s much more expensive Oud Wood. TF OW has something, an intangible for me, that exists in it that IA is missing, but that I will probably never pinpoint. This is a perfect office scent, and a great introduction to Oud for beginners, much like Oud Wood. For the office, I would do OW / IA in the Fall and Winter and Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver in the Spring and Summer.

I would normally give this one a 3.5 / 4 for its lackluster performance (it lasts for days and days on fabric, but never projects more than an arm’s reach, and vanishes on my skin within 3 or 4 hours to the point my nose has to be an inch away to smell it.) It also never has great sillage. All of those and more you can accomplish with Tom Ford.

But for the price.

For $50 or less, you can have everything Oud Wood has (except for equal performance) at less than half a SMALL bottle of Oud Wood. For that, Icon Absolute absolutely gets five stars, and it Lé therefore a fantastic deal I would not pass up, if you like Oud Wood.

Alika B.
Molecule, Icon Absolute, Tuscan Leather

This is my first time trying Scent Split. The vials got to me quickly and safely. Where I live there arent a lot of places to sample fragrances, so this is a fantastic opportunity to try some out. All 3 I sampled are definite buys for me too.